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Mobility and EBT

Smart phones are changing the way people are interacting, such as using social media from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to WhatsApp. Now, mobile apps are looking to change the way we conduct financial transactions through e-Commerce. 

This year’s EBT—The Next Generation conference offers a breakout session that looks at mobile apps being used today for commercial payments and how they may be used in the future for handling payment of government benefits. 

Examples of these are- person to person payments (P2P), mobile wallets, Samsung pay, ATM single pay (mobile-ATM). This session discuss the ways these technologies can and will affect your programs.  

Advances in payment technologies help EBT practitioners practitioners do our jobs more effectively and introduce opportunities for efficiencies and enhanced customer experiences. Smartphone mobile applications are just one of the ways technology is rapidly changing how consumer payments are being processed.  

EBT—The Next Generation is the only national conference dedicated to providing this exciting new payment technology information, along with many other sessions dedicated to current and future activities and trends within the EBT industry. 

So don’t miss out! Register today for EBT—The Next Generation Conference today. To register for the conference, visit https://www. .