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The lobster is back. Ready for business.

Ready to provide twenty years of marketing and EBT experience.

For the last year, I have been recovering from the effects of a stroke.                                             

Having the stroke is just half the story. The other half is the stages of recovery.

First stage of recovery: you wake up in a hospital and you don't know what happened, or how you got there.

Second is the realization of the gravity of the situation. It took about three months before that happened.

Third, is the realization that the most important thing you can do is move forward.  After about six months the doctor asked me if I knew what had happened to me, and if I wanted to know more about it.

I think she liked my answer because she smiled when I said, "not really, I am more interested in
focusing on going forward than behind me".

Stage 4: where I am now. Recover as much of your pre-stroke life as you can.  

And I am back to coaching high school baseball.  Several weeks ago I went to a minor league baseball game. Sitting in the box next to us was one of my players, a kid named Travis.  When a foul ball was hit into the stands near us, he joined the scrum of other kids chasing down the treasured ball.

As luck would have it, Travis came away with the ball. Then he came over to us with the ball and said, “Coach this is for you”.

As a baseball coach I have buckets of balls but none as valuable as this one.

I am now back at work editing technical documents and responding to some RFPs, writing a decision paper on a proposed state law governing EBT. And I am helping plan the annual EBT-The Next Generation conference. The only national forum devoted exclusively to EBT technology and projects. Join us November 1-4 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel, Phoenix, AZ.

And we are ready to help with your marketing and EBT work.

So I am back and ready for action.