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EBT A Quarter-Century On A New Electronic Payments Possibility

Electronic-payments professionals interested in checking out new business opportunities may want to participate in a long established conference set for November 6-8 in Florida. Dubbed EBT the Next Generation it brings together 300 buyers and influencers in this booming EPS segment that uses electronic-payments technology to deliver government payments and benefits.

EBT-the Next Generation offers a banquet of information for EBT and EPS professionals new to the field. This informational feast includes 4 workshops that provide a solid foundation in EBT technology and applications.

These workshops are How EBT Works, Determining if Your EBT System Can Withstand a Natural Disaster, The Elements of a Successful WIC EBT Implementation, The Details of an EBT Program That includes Both SNAP and Cash.

Together, these workshops will provide an understanding of the basic technology of EBT, what needs to be done to ready and harden your EBT system in preparation for the disasters that seem almost inevitable for many states, how to successfully stand up a WIC EBT system, the details of an EBT system that includes both SNAP and cash. These are four of the most important things a well-rounded EBT pro can know.

The purpose of the workshops is to provide our newest colleagues with the information necessary to get their EBT careers off to a good start.

Our seasoned EBT vets can also profit from the workshops and we welcomed your attendance, as well.

As always, out most experienced EBT practitioners present our workshops. 

For 18 years our workshops have proven to be one of our most popular conference features, right next to the open bar, and the all-you-can-eat buffet lunches.