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Taking EBT Payment Technology to New Frontiers

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Now that the SNAP and WIC nutrition programs are finally rolled out using electronic benefits transfer technology as the benefit-delivery mechanism, the time has come to examine how else we can put this technology to use. The electronic payments industry, state and territorial governments, and the Department of Agriculture have made significant investments in infrastructure, manpower, and technology in order to develop EBT. The time has come to leverage this investment and find new ways to use this valuable technology. On Sunday, November 3,  Bob Bucceri will be leading a panel discussion he has organized on this topic. The session will be part of the annual EBT-the Next Generation conference. The conference venue is the Caribe Royale Orlando, 8101 World Center Drive. The session is scheduled for 12:30 pm on November 3. Participating in the discussion will be speakers with experience in EBT, government payments, healthcare, and business development.