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EBT The Next Generation 2019 Agenda Is Taking Shape

EBT The Next Generation  2019 Agenda Is Taking Shape

The agenda for EBT the Next Generation is almost baked. The conference will take place on November 3 - 5 in Orlando, Florida

Now in year 23 year, EBT-the Next Generation is the premier conference focused on the use of electronic payment technology to deliver government payments to consumers.

This year’s conference will include sessions on merging the use of EBT cards with online shopping technology, sessions devoted specifically to SNAP EBT and WIC EBT, processing and handling EBT data, retailer perspective on EBT, separate SNAP and WIC EBT roundtables, service support cost drivers, government payments beyond SNAP and WIC, state contracting for EBT processors, and program integrity issues.

NextGen routinely draws several hundred attendees, including state officials responsible for managing EBT on the state level, and the vendors and manufacturers who supply the electronic payment technology needed to drive EBT.

The conference is a service of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association.