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Reducing Recipient Fraud in the SNAP (formerly Food Stamp) Program

The Federal Government Is Funding Implementation of an Effort to Reduce Recipient Fraud in the SNAP (formerly Food Stamp) Program

The Agriculture Department, which administers the SNAP Program, announced this month the availability of a grant program for states. The purpose of the grants is to fund participation in the SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation.

The grants will financially support states in their efforts to combat fraud initiated by recipients of SNAP benefits.

This combat includes fraud prevention, detection, and investigation using procedures, ideas, and practices outlined in the federal SNAP Fraud Framework.

Applicant states will be successful in applying for the grants if their applications include one or more of the procedures, ideas and practices specified in the federal framework.

The purpose of the program is to improve state response to recipient fraud in the SNAP program by using the 7 components that comprise the SNAP Fraud Framework.