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Midnight on the Square: New Year’s Eve Small Town-style

New Year’s Eve Small Town-style. We celebrated NYE in Kennett Square, Pa.

Kennett bills itself as the Mushroom Capital of the World because nearby farms produce over a million pounds of the highly prized fungi annually. So it was appropriate that the community celebrate the dawn of 2017 by raising and lowering a giant stainless steel and crystal mushroom.

Next year forget about bucking the crowd in that little place called Times Square, which bills itself as the Crossroad of the World. Instead, check your GPS and find your way to Kennett Square, Pa. and spend the New Year holiday with a few thousand new friends from small town America and bring some fresh ‘shrooms home to the family.

In the alternative, forget about sitting on the couch all New Year’s Eve like a mushroom, watching TV and waiting for the fancy-schmacy crystal ball to drop in Times Square. 

Get out and ring in the new year in a small town near you. There are thousands of Kennett Squares throughout the country that celebrate the new year in local fashion. Usually in a way that also celebrates local industry, history, or culture.

For example, Port Clinton, Oh. which is located on the shore of Lake Erie, a thriving fresh water fishery famous for its plentiful walleye population, raises and drops a giant replica of a walleye.