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Are you looking for love in the New Year

Are you looking for love in the New Year

If so, check out a new survey, The Best Cities for Singles, offered by our friends at WalletHub. According to the survey the best U.S. city for the single lifestyle is San Francisco. 

There is a large audience for this information says the survey because statistically 109 million adults in the US are single. That is 45 percent of the adult American population.

In assembling the results, WalletHub examined 150 of the most populated American cities with respect to 29 key indicators of compatibility with the Single But Looking lifestyle. These factors included the “Share of Single Population” and “Nightlife Options per Capita.

Cities were evaluated across 3 dimensions: Dating Economics, Romance & Fun, and Dating Opportunities.

The 29 key metrics by which these three dimensions were evaluate included such factors as: the costs of restaurant meals and taxi rides, the median household income, job growth, number of attractions per capita, weather (I note that 9 of the first 10 cities are warm-weather locations), share of single population, and singles gender balance.

For more information, including the complete list of cities, the complete methodology used to evaluate cities, and an opportunity to get expert advice from a panel of experts in five areas of single lifestyle:  financial advice for singles, a summary of what singles should look for in choosing a city in which to live, tips for dating on a budget, the economic impact of the singles population on a city, what should cities do to make cities more attractive to singles. The last two categories are for you urban planners out there on the single-but-looking survey visit wallet