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Semper Avanti 
A good beach read this summer

Semper Avanti is a tale of love and redemption, of struggle and overcoming personal crisis, of being tested beyond what you think your capacity to respond is. 

On the surface, Semper Avanti details author Nancy Bucceri’s battle to hold her life and family together following word that her husband has suffered a near-fatal stroke while away on a business trip. However, any reader who has experienced personal struggle can relate to the story.

Although this plot line doesn’t seem to fit with sand, surf, and suntan lotion, as the subject of the book I can tell you that it is an uplifting story and a yarn well spun.

So far the reviews on the January 2017 release have been universally good. One reviewer wrote of Semper Avanti that the “writing is unobtrusive which serves the story well, and the narrative is breezy, funny and warm.

The review continues, “despite the subject matter, Semper Avanti is an entertaining read”.

Another reviewer calls Semper Avanti “a thoughtful and well-intentioned work that details personal crisis management” Semper Avanti, which means always forward, ends with the author’s 10 suggestions for managing personal crises.

The Lobster heartily recommends Semper Avanti. It is available in paperback or as an e-book. ISBN number 978-1-5320-0381-3. The website for Semper Avanti is You can check out the book there, order it, and register for the author’s blog series. It is also available on and And if you enjoy it, please share what you liked by posting a review.