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Still Building the Foundation of EBT the Next Generation

Still building the foundation of EBT the Next Generation government payments conference. Working this week on developing the conference theme, as well as the subject of my annual Front Page Focus plenary session.

My choice for both is "Adjusting to the New Realities of Government."

For years money poured into programs like SNAP (nee' Food Stamps) and WIC, its smaller sister. But with a new sheriff holding court at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the question of whether such largess continues is a matter of conjecture, fit for an interactive plenary session.

Front Page Focus I control. The conference theme is a collaborative decision by the eGovernment Payments Council, the trade group behind the conference, now in its 20th year. Whether or not the Council adopts this theme or not is a choice by many disparate parties.

This collegial methodology may seem inefficient, but has worked well for 2 decades, while other shows have come and gone.

EBT NextGen is scheduled for November 5th through 8th at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa (