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The Most Difficult Places to Stay off The Naughty List

As we approach the Christmas season many of us are trying to avoid The Devil's Workshop in order to stay off of Santa's Naughty List and maximize our Christmas hauls.

In order to help you avoid the Naughty List, The Lobster presents the following list of the most sinful cities in the US, compiled by our good friends at WalletHub. Staying away from them should make it easier to have Santa inscribe your name on the Nice List.

Most Sinful Cities

1.  Las Vegas (I bet that was a tough call)
2.  St. Louis
3.  Cincinnati
4.  Orlando
5.  Springfield, Mo.
6.  Miami
7.  Richmond, Va.
8.  Baton Rouge
9.  Pittsburgh
10. New Orleans

The Lobster hopes that his counterparts at WalletHub didn't have to do a lot of personal research to develop this list.

The Lobster has spent time in 6 of these 10 cities and enjoyed them all.

To determine how fast your trip to the Naughty List will be WalletHub evaluated the 150 most populated cities based on the the occurrence of 7 deadly sinful behaviors: Anger and Hatred, Jealousy, Excesses and Vices, Avarice, Lust, Vanity and Laziness.

If you are looking for a quick trip to the Nice List, consider relocating to or staying in these least sinful cities,

141.  Santa Clarita, Ca.
142.  Glendale, Ca.
143.  Irvine, Ca.
144.  Santa Ana, Ca.
145.  Garden Grove, CA.
146.  Chula Vista, Ca
147.  Brownsville, Tx.
148.  Yonkers, NY
149.  Fremont, Ca.
150.  San Jose,

No clue to explain why 8 of the 10 least vice-ridden American cities are in California. Maybe they are "family values" cities and/or good places to raise kids.

For the record, Santa, The Lobster has visited 8 of the 10 least sinful cities, two more than the naughty cities he been to, and his hours logged in the nice cities exceed the time he has spent in the naughty places. However, in the interest of full disclosure, two of The Lobster's favorite cities to visit are on the Naughty List, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Honesty counts for something, doesn't it Santa.

For the full report or to see where your city ranks, please click over to But not until you have read The Lobster's other posts or otherwise perused this site.

According to WalletHub, St. Louis has the highest violent crime rate, per 1,000 residents, over 18. this is 33 times the rate in Irvine, Ca. the city with the lowest, 0.56.

According to the data, Las Vegas has the most adult entertainment businesses per 100,000 residents.