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Welcome to the Lobster Shift

Welcome to The Lobster Shift. The "lobster shift," sometimes called the graveyard shift, is the period of work between 11:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning. In other words, the overnight shift. My father worked an overnight shift. I worked one as a reporter. Nurses, fire fighters, police,  factory workers, and disc jockeys all know the joys of going to work when the family goes to bed and coming home to eat dinner when everyone else is eating breakfast.

Fact of the matter is your biorhythms never let you adjust to living your life backwards. Just as a lobster shuffles along backwards, overnight workers life their lives backwards. Breakfast at noon, dinner at daybreak; awake when everyone's asleep, asleep--if you're lucky--when everyone's awake.

The Lobster Shift seeks to do the same thing--to provide news, commentary and analysis on business issues in the tech sectors, especially in the ways we use payments and healthcare--but in ways that may be contrary to how others are looking at the subjects. When you check in with this site during the day, you'll find interesting analysis and commentary on issues that may have kept us up at night.

So welcome to The Lobster Shift, to the world of contrarians.

 Now get some sleep.